Saturday, August 19, 2023

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Knowing oneself is far more vital than knowing others. We frequently take ourselves for granted and prioritize others over ourselves. We wonder why the same thing makes us feel less, why it occurs to me every time, why I never learn from my past mistakes and repeat them as if I have no control over it. Perhaps we are aware of this because we make errors, but we refuse to let it to alter us. You do not learn the lesson that our mistake demands of us. You lose sight of your true essence during this process. Everyone is unique in their own way. He has both strengths and faults, but what is more essential is that he tries to learn more.
 He has both strengths and faults, but what is more essential is that we endeavor to understand more and more about ourselves. The more self-aware we are, the clearer our vision becomes. The one person who knows you best is you, since we have spent the most of our time with ourselves, and whether we like it or not, we are aware of all of our dimensions. Our gut cues, body signals, mental interpretations, and emotions tell us so much that if we are truly aware, we can virtually always handle practically any scenario. We limit ourselves to many things because of the conventions established by others, and we distrust our own abilities. We all have immense potential to be the best versions of ourselves, but it takes work.
When we strive to incorporate new habits, we encounter resistance from lethargy. We make a lot of excuses for ourselves. We cannot transform ourselves for the better if we have no control over our laziness. Have you ever wondered what prevents you from achieving what successful others have? Do we lack motivation, inspiration, knowledge, experience, will, or drive? This may be comprehended through self-awareness. In certain ways, our bodies, minds, and emotions are terrific teachers. We may be of a particular age in this life, but our spirit is not. We have not only lived once, but we have no recollection of our previous life. Sometimes we have experiences that are beyond our understanding. 

When you are in the woods, beside a river, a mountain, or any other natural setting, you connect with yourself in the greatest manner possible. What led this to happen? Our forefathers lived in such a jungle, and our subconscious remembers. You have vivid dreams that represent your deepest wishes. Yoga enables us to become more aware of ourselves. You may meet with yourself through meditation. You improve your balance, clarity, discipline, and understanding of your body, mind, and emotions. The individual gains confidence, feels powerful, and is able to distinguish between what is genuine and what is not. Understanding oneself leads to a better understanding of others. You empathize with them, and you might view things in a way that is independent of your belief system. 

Friday, August 4, 2023

बारिश का मौसम

नदी बनके बहना हैं मुझे और,
अनंत सागर के खारेपन में घुलना हैं मुझे।

गीली भाप बन नभ ओर उठना हैं मुझे,
काले बादल बन सूरज को ढकना हैं मुझे।

बिजली की तरह चमकना हैं मुझे,
पुरे आसमान को नगाडा सा कंपाना हैं मुझे।

मोर बन बारिश का स्वागत करना हैं मुझे ,
मोरनी की तरह ख़ुशी में झूमना हैं मुझे।

बूंद बूंद बन बादल से बिखरना हैं मुझे,
धरा पर गिरके उसे हरितमय करना हैं मुझे।
धुप से तपी धरती की दरारों में पहुचना हैं मुझे,
बारिश का अमृत जल बन सराबोर करना हैं मुझे।

मिट्टी की खुशबु बन हवा को सुगन्धित करना हैं मुझे, 
बारिश में भीगने वालो को ठंडी हवा बन जमाना हैं मुझे।

इंद्रधनुष के रंग बन आसमान की रंगाई करनी हैं मुझे,
तेज पवन बन फूल-पत्तों को झकझोरना हैं मुझे।

दो पल सही सब भूलकर, प्रकृतिमय बनना हैं मुझे,
कुछ इस तरह प्रकृति के साथ सामंजस्य बिठाना हैं मुझे।

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