Friday, July 28, 2023


When men and women feel incomplete, one of the reasons behind it is that they do not know themselves fully. It is said that there is a male element in every woman and a female element in every male. When a woman or a man cannot balance this element within themselves, they consider themselves incomplete and searches outside for the self-fulfillment. A woman seeks the love of a man and a man seeks the love of a woman. But can any human being rise above female element (feminine element) or male element (musculine element)? In any human male and female elements showcase in harmony Very few people are such who have called androgynous personalities. Shri Krishna had reached this state where all distinctions between men and women had been erased. An androgynous persona may be a bit difficult for the common man to attain, so it is necessary to try to understand this condition. Many people in our society believe that women have no individuality without men. After birth, the name of the woman is added to the name of the father, then the name of the husband and finally she is known because of her son. She can be someone's daughter, someone's wife, someone's mother, someone's sister, that's how she is recognised. It's not all the fault of the rules made by the male dominated society. Women have accepted this. Dedication has become a woman's nature. What does a woman want? She devotes herself to men for love, security, acceptance. It is not that all men are ignorant. Many people know that their existence is due to their mother who is a woman. They know that they have become dependent on the women of their family knowingly or unknowingly, and perhaps if they are not there, it may be difficult to live life smoothly. They know that women deserve the same respect they give themselves. They understand the integrity, dignity, independence of a woman. When harmony is established between a man and a woman, that relationship brings peace. They become partners in building a better society. Nowadays, many men help their mothers, sisters, wives to do housework. It may be to harmonize with the feminine element within oneself. Injustice does not only happen to women, it also happens to men. We have to be careful. There are differences between men and women be it physically, mentally and socially but we are all children of nature. Those who can do the work for which they are made to excel. When we go against the laws of nature, sometimes we do something that does not give good results. Women should try to understand themselves, should protect their dignity, should not forget their pride, should try to recognize their own strength, should not do injustice to men, should not take advantage of their benefits. should nor broke man wrongly. Men should abandon the belief that women cannot do intellectual work, women's counsels, ideas should be heard, understood, just as their dreams matter, women's dreams should also matter.

Both men and women complement each other. Both are meant for each other, one can decide whether to live with each other or not, but every human being deserves respect, be it a woman or a man.


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