Wednesday, May 24, 2023


आज मौसम खुशनुमा था,
गर्मी से तपता घर ,आज शीत था,
दो पल बरसती थी कुछ बूंदे,
हवा के जोर से सब गतिमान था,
बारिश के रंग में झूम उठने वाली,
भीगने से आज क्यू कतरा रही थी,
वक्त वक्त की बात है शायद,
जो होता हैं एक वक्त पसंदीदा,
नापसंद भी होने में देर नहीं लगती,
ठंडी हवा सुकून जरूर ला रही थी,
पर भीतरी खालीपन कायम था,
जब मौसम को घड़ी दो घड़ी देखा,
महसूस किया तूफान का आना जाना तय है,
चाहे वो तूफान आंतरिक हो या बाह्य।

Friday, May 12, 2023

glorious golden tree

Although summer seems so harsh ,some things are enough to bring inexplicable happiness. One such thing is radiant blooming flowers of golden shower tree. I feel there is some deep connect I feel with this tree. No other tree make me so happy as golden shower. Whenever I pass by this tree, I feel immense joy from inside. The scorching heat doesn't bother when I witness the beauty of this tree. The hanging yellow flowers looks so pretty. Spring is the time when many tree blooms but enchantment I feel for the flowers of golden shower is something I cannot put in words. Usually I observed this tree from distance but one day I went near to it and saw the flowers. They were looking extremely beautiful. The way this tress welcome spring , I wish we can welcome the harsh realities of life without sulking about it , without gettig sour , without getting frustrated. Hope the golden glory of nature inspires us to flourish during the bad time by dealing it in best possible way.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Supreme Power

"God" Its not just a word which defines a great power but also may be the ultimate power 'The eternal energy' which governs the entire world, the whole universe. There are many questions which are unanswerable about the existence of God but that doesn't mean what cannot be proved never exist. Sometimes what we think, what we feel may not be true. Some people claims that ghost do not exist & likewise God also never exist as they have never seen them, but I feel sometimes we need to think beyond other people's thoughts & our thoughts too. Isn't it possible to always not follow the readymade path of others, no compulsion to lead same way? May be then we can find the different path which may give us the realization of truth, about the god. From the childhood we have come across the various sources through which we acquired some knowledge about the god but as we all know humans are most intellectual animal in the world so the thing which matters is what we understand, what we acknowledge, what we interpret, what we perceive from all this knowledge. I believe its up to you & if there is evil, chaos & suffering in our life, around our life, there is also goodness peace, happiness can be gained if we are ready to welcome these things. May be God & ghost or you call it monster live inside us only, just we need to be mindful enough to see them & sometimes we failed in it but we can hope for the best outcome, great result, astonishing improvement by having a faith.
                       It's known that each entity of the universe including living & nonliving world made up of five basic elements 1) Water 2) Air 3) Fire 5) Sky or space & apart from these five basic elements another two things which are trees & music can be added in the list of seven things which are everlasting, which are eternal. These seven everlasting things creates a "god". We can feel the presence of God the creator in all these natural things like God involved in all these seven things. If any human being lives around these seven things, he or she may feel the god, or it may give the sense of having God with them. Ultimately each & all things consist of any of these seven things but these seven everlasting things are the epitome in itself & so it can affect us at great extant. Also, it makes our life liveworthy and can lead a meaningful life with the realization of purpose. To be in touch with nature earth gives the incredible peace & the feeling of belonginess. Water the elixir on earth gives essence of purity, clarity and calmness. Air which is again an essential element required all the time we breathe, without it everything will be stagnant, air shows the flow in life where we want to control everything. When the cold breeze touches the face & soothes your mind is inexplicable feeling. Fire shows the enormous energy, passion & strength. It shows the holiness, a power which can vanish evil and enlighten the life with its sheen. Earth, which is the base, shows the constancy & the element of tolerance by bearing weight of all the living & non-living things on the earth. The touch & smell of it is really enchanting. sky or space is the medium which helps humans to communicate. It is abundant & provides openness. It shows the height & light. The sky at the time of sunrise, sunset, in the rainy season having a rainbow creates a Marvellous scenario.  Trees shows the tranquility. The green flourishing trees brings you immense happiness. Nurturing them itself feels great. Music is the best remedy to cure many conditions. It has huge power to heal & connect to the heart. Music can suppress the negative emotions & uplifts the mood. These seven everlasting elements brings the life in energetic mode with great enthusiasm. Something is definitely there which governs everything & may be understanding of these elements brings sense of god but the quest is still remained to explore.

वो सर्द की महक


वो सर्द की महक और हवा का हौले हौले बहना ,
दिल के कोने में मची हलचल, 
और चहेरे पे जूठी मुस्कान ,
लोग यहाँ फिरते हैं लगाए कई मोहरे , 
कही तो कोई मिल जाये लिए असली सीरत  ,
वक्त का रुख बदले भी ऐसे कभी  ,
सब सही, हम सही लगे भी कभी ,
जीवन अर्थपूर्ण बनाये भी कभी , 
दर्द के विचार व्यर्थ लगे भी कभी ,
जो भी मिला हैं उसे सहजता से स्वीकारे भी कभी, 
जो नहीं मिला हैं उसके बिना खुद को संभाले भी कभी ,
अपने चारोओर खुशहाली बिखेरे भी कभी ,
कुछ लोगो को ही सही ,दुःख से उबारे भी कभी ,
विषम परिस्थितिओ  धैर्य धारण करे भी कभी ,
चंचल मन की व्यग्रता दूर करे भी कभी ,
भुत भविष्य के नियंत्रण से बचे भी कभी,
वर्त्तमान को न्याय देकर जिए भी कभी 

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